For all my software development days ahead, I want them to be well spent on a Macbook Pro. The main reason for me deciding to take the plunge to the Mac world is because of the following reasons:

  • Having the ability to use Windows and Linux on the Mac itself without booting (virtual machines) using VMware Fusion (The joy of getting the best of both worlds).
  • Rock solid UNIX platform.
  • Recently I have developed a love for Ruby programming and there is no better platform to work on it than a Good-ol-Mac.
  • My frustration with the Windows Registry system and its legendry susceptibility to attracting all sort of viruses.
  • I got my hands wet with a Mac after successfully installing ‘Hackintosh’ on my HP laptop and I really appreciated how responsive it worked even when the hardware-software integration wasn’t perfect.

Hackintosh on HP laptop

Now I am just waiting for Apple to launch the new models of Macbook Pro and if the recent rumors are to be believed, then I won’t have to wait for long.

Update: Rumors are true!

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