Getting Started With Ruby On Rails

An excellent article by Smashing Magazine for any web developer who wants a start up knowledge on Ruby On Rails.

Rails Apple

Apple Developer Connection has this must read article, which is for everyone who is beginning to work with Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X Leopard.

I Am Buying A Macbook Pro

For all my software development days ahead, I want them to be well spent on a Macbook Pro. The main reason for me deciding to take the plunge to the Mac world is because of the following reasons:

  • Having the ability to use Windows and Linux on the Mac itself without booting (virtual machines) using VMware Fusion (The joy of getting the best of both worlds).
  • Rock solid UNIX platform.
  • Recently I have developed a love for Ruby programming and there is no better platform to work on it than a Good-ol-Mac. (more…)