Stanford University has made available its iPhone Application Programming course for this year on iTunes U as biweekly video podcasts and slides in pdf format.

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to be taught by two Apple engineers from Stanford University.

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CNET Readers Reminisce About Macs Gone By

It’s been some days since the Mac celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. Read the stories of the readers of writing about their memories of the best computer ever, The Macintosh.

Also by CNET, a gallery of photos of Mac through the years.

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  • Why Developers Prefer Macs

    An article from InfoWorld, not just blatant fanboyism but an analysis supported by solid ground. Read “Why developers prefer Macs“.

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  • Why I Bought A New ‘Old MacBook’ Pro

    It’s been quite some time that I have been wishing to buy a MacBook Pro, and I eagerly waited for the October 14 refresh of Apple’s top of the line notebooks.  As expected, the refresh happened on the scheduled date and Mr. Jobs, this time (for a change) along with few of his colleagues wowed us all once again with his expert presentation skills, launching a whole new product redesign.

    So if everything went right then what’s up with this freaking title?

    Actually even though I think that the new MacBook Pros are designed really well, there is not one but two really big problems.

    • Super glossy screen
    • Button-less trackpad

    I had a chance to handle the new MacBook Pro and seriously I couldn’t deal with glare at all. I wear glasses and that much glare really gave me a headache after a long time in front of the screen. I already use a HP dv2519 which is really glossy, but (more…)

    Apple Announces New Macbook Pro


    After months of my waiting finally it’s here. Yesterday Apple announced new Macbook Pro notebook and I have never been happier. The new graphics offering by Nvidia is a screamer and I am really excited about it. Also, I really wanted DDR3 RAM support on the Pros and Apple didn’t disappoint. Now I plan to buy it as soon as possible. I will give a detailed review covering all the features once I am the proud owner of one.

    A Report On Three Classic Personal Computers

    While browsing through some old backups yesterday, I found an illustrated report titled ‘A Report on Three Classic Personal Computers‘ which I had submitted under my “Small Computer Systems: Organization and Architecture” subject.

    If you are curious about the ancestors of the machine you are reading this post on, then this report really makes an interesting read. The content requirement for the report was as under:

    The classic systems must have been made within the years 1972 to 1990 and be non-IBM-PC compatible (i.e. not running MS-DOS). The systems must also be predominantly consumer products, not systems that were intended for use as dedicated computers for the military or business or terminals that connected to mainframes.

    Structure of the Report:

    • Summary
    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Main Body
    • Conclusion
    • References


    Rails Apple

    Apple Developer Connection has this must read article, which is for everyone who is beginning to work with Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X Leopard.

    I Am Buying A Macbook Pro

    For all my software development days ahead, I want them to be well spent on a Macbook Pro. The main reason for me deciding to take the plunge to the Mac world is because of the following reasons:

    • Having the ability to use Windows and Linux on the Mac itself without booting (virtual machines) using VMware Fusion (The joy of getting the best of both worlds).
    • Rock solid UNIX platform.
    • Recently I have developed a love for Ruby programming and there is no better platform to work on it than a Good-ol-Mac. (more…)