Use Ajax and PHP to Build a Chat Application

Jack D. Herrington (a senior software engineer with more than 20 years of experience) writes in detail on how to build a chat system on a web application using Ajax, XML and PHP.

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  • View Detailed Information In The Airport Menu

    To view the detailed information about the wireless networks in the Airport menu (hidden by default), hold down the option key while clicking the AirPort menu icon in the menu bar. The detailed information below the name of the connected network is:

    • MAC address of the wireless station
    • Channel is in use
    • Signal strength, RSSI, the lower it is, the weaker the connection
    • Indication of the data transmission rate

    On hovering the mouse over the network name for a second, a tool tip displays the network’s signal strength and the type of security it’s using. This is useful for quickly finding the public connection with the strongest signal.

    Picture 1

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  • DARPA’s Top Strategic Research Programs

    While browsing, I came across this page which details the current projects DARPA (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is working on. After reading it all, I have to agree, it is truly bad-ass.

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  • A Slumdog Always Knows The Price

    Another one from Collegehumor. In their words:

    Parody of Slumdog Millionaire, if the gameshow had been the Price is Right and Drew Carey had been the one beating the truth out of that kid.

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  • How To Connect To Windows PC From Mac

    In a network system, connecting to your Windows PC from the Mac is a real easy process.

    First you have to make sure that the folders you want to access are being shared from the Windows PC. On a PC, a folder can be shared by right clicking the icon, selecting the properties option and then the sharing tab.

    Picture 6

    If your Mac is connected to the network, then in the Finder menu, click ‘Go’ and then ‘Connect To Server’.

    Picture 2

    In the address bar, type in the name of the PC you want to connect to prefixing it by smb:// and then click connect. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Botnet Takes Down 100,000 PCs

    A recent botnet which infected the PCs with malicious Zeus kit,  just hit the killswitch taking down 100,000 PCs. The Washington Post recently wrote about the botnet using the Zeus kit, which steals information from the infected PCs using a Trojan.

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  • LASIK Laser

    Last Saturday I got my eyes operated for removal of glasses by LASIK Laser. All went well and I am recuperating very well. I am away from reading and writing for at least a week more.

    See you all soon.

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  • 13 Free Mac OS X Applications.

    Five reasons why developers prefer Mac.

    What to look for if reading Mac security posts.

    Is the Mac Really More Secure than Windows?

    If everything was made by Microsoft.

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  • For setting a specific file type to always open by default with a specific application in OS X do the following:

    • Right click on the file icon and choose ‘Get Info’ option.
    • Choose the ‘Open With’ option and select the specific application
    • Click the ‘Change all’ button.
    • Smile in success :-)

    Picture 6               


    Picture 1                Picture 2


    Picture 4


    Picture 5

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  • How To Reset Dock in OS X Leopard

    To completely reset the dock back to the original factory settings do the following:

    1. Delete the files and from /Users/..(your account name)../Library/Preferences.
    2. Enter ‘killall Dock’ command in the terminal and press enter.
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