An Introduction And Overview Of LINQ

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With the release of .NET framework 3.5, Microsoft introduced lots of new features. One of the very important feature introduced is LINQ, which stands for Language Structured Integrated Query. I have been studying LINQ since the last 2 months and I find it an excellent approach to data management. In this post, I will give a brief overview about it.

While writing a software, at some point of time we write code which deals with data. The data can be in any form; files stored locally on a computer, tables in a database or even XML documents. While dealing with data when we are creating applications using .NET, at times we may have to carry objects to a database and then load the results back to the object after querying the database.

The following pseudocode will explain this approach.

Students Stu = New Students();   // A class which represents a table of students
Stu.stuID = 5;  // Setting the row identifier to 5
Stu.Retrieve();   // Retrieving Row’s data where Student ID = 5
Stu.Name = “Pushkar Arora”;   // Changing the column ‘Name’ value to Pushkar Arora
Stu.Update();   // Updating the Database data

A real cool and simple approach, isn’t it? Now to implement this, in ADO.NET we do the following. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Blog About What?

    Choices‘The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice’ – George Eliot.

    If the above quote is to be believed, I obviously was in trouble; of ‘NOT’ growing.

    It’s not that I didn’t have the choices, but it was just that I was weighing them constantly without making up my mind on the ultimate selection.

    My choices, about what I could blog about went like this:

    • Random stuff about life; of mine and those around me.
    • Movie and music reviews.
    • Programming tutorials, tips and techniques (C and .NET framework).
    • Technology (One can find countless topics to write about in this one).  Read the rest of this entry »
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  • Hello Everyone

    Since last year, whenever I read any informative and enticing blog post, I always asked this question to myself; ‘when am I going to start one?’.

    But last month I read a post, ‘Why make Site Prototypes?’ by Greg Wolejko. After reading this post, I thought to myself that not only is this post real educative, but also, it is like a valuable contribution, a fun and cool way of giving the world something that others can benefit from, like Open Source.

    Going to and downloading the latest 2.6 build was the only choice I was left with now, for a number of reasons:

    • I had to start a blog myself; ‘Ain’t no stopping me now!’.
    • I believed myself to be technically sound enough to host my own blog (although WordPress makes the job a piece of cake!).
    • WordPress was the obvious reason because of its usability, dynamics and */read text between brackets of point two/* (for the fear of sounding repetitive).
    • Hosting is real cheap these days.   Read the rest of this entry »