Archive for the ‘Web’ Category : Domain Name Hacked/Stolen is a site which suggests some some cool applications and software that you can make use of. But currently, it has got it’s domain name taken control of by a bad guy! This is what you see upon visiting the site.


The hackerĀ  has transferred the domain’s ownership from the site’s registrar GoDaddy to another registrar and now is demanding USD 2000 from the site’s admin as a ransom!

You can read the full details and updates here at which has been put up by the site’s authorities until things get back to normal.

Update: The site is back on. Visit it here.

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  • Internet – From Then To Now

    From ARPANET to Web 2.0, the evolution of Internet has given communication, commerce and entertainment a whole new meaning. CNET has prepared a list of 50 most significant moments of Internet history which focuses on the events that mattered the most in this epic journey which started 40 years back. This one is a must read.

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  • How HTML 5 Is Already Changing the Web

    HTML5-logo An Excellent Article from Webmonkey: How HTML 5 Is Already Changing the Web.

    Web has come a long way; from sites being just a collection of pages connected through hyperlinks, to supporting interactive applications and being powered by Flash, Silverlight and Ajax technology. Recently launched Google Chrome is an indication to where the web is headed. Browsers are going to be an operating system in their own right, handling complex web applications.

    HTML 5 will further allow the developers to create pages taking advantage of the latest technologies in web development as well as support any browser on any platform. Have a look at the draft specification of HTML 5.

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  • It’s been almost two months now that I am using Bluehost‘s hosting and I am really satisfied by the services they offer. One of these is the SSL service for the mail accounts they give along with the hosting services. For those of you who don’t know what SSL is, you can read about it here.

    After I created a mail account using my domain name, the first thing I did was to configure it using Outlook 2007. I properly configured my mail account to use SSL using the following settings.

    • Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming Mail Server: box*** (*** is the server number given by bluehost)
    • Outgoing Mail Server: box***
    • Check for the outgoing (SMTP) server to require authentication using the same settings as incoming server. (more…)

    Google Launches Google Chrome Browser

    Google yesterday launched Google Chrome browser which is based on an open source project named ‘Chromium’. It is currently in beta version, uses ‘webkit’, the same engine that runs Apple’s Safari browser, and is available for Windows XP/Vista only. Google says it is working on a Mac and Linux version as well.

    To explain the features and motivations for the browser, Google sent a comic to developers around the world and also made the comic available in Google books. Going through the comic one can easily understand the vision behind Chrome and the features it brings in. I highly reccomend reading it and learn how Google envisions its browser to be a whole new operating platform.

    Chrome has Google’s own Javascript engine, which provides for enhanced performance, blazing speed compared to other browsers and security. Google’s says, it built Chrome from the ground up taking into consideration applications likethe features offered by today’s webs pages. It also boasts of robust memory management, stability and security. (more…)

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  • In the context of the directories at the server, is the root folder. The www part in is a subdirectory or a subdomain which usually redirects to the root folder. The “www” prefix has no meaning in the way the main Web site is shown. The “www” prefix is simply one choice for a Web site’s host name. It is mostly used because a host name for the web-server is often ‘www’.

    If you are using an Apache server to host your site, then the best way to redirect visitors from to is by using a .htaccess file.

    .htaccess file is the one that has the configuration settings for the particular directory it is placed in. If you are using your hosting provider’s file manager menu then in many cases you may not be able to see the .htaccess file in your root menu. In that case you can download FileZilla, an excellent open-source FTP client. After locating your .htaccess file and downloading it, it is a good idea to make a copy(with original settings) of it first as a backup.

    Now to redirect from non-www to www enter the following code in the top of the .htaccess file: (more…)

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