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In The Memory Of Michael Jackson

One day in your life,
You’ll remember the love you found here.
You’ll remember me somehow,
Though you don’t need me now.
I will stay in your heart,
And when things fall apart,
You’ll remember one day…

-Michael Jackson

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  • Chris Connell writes about what separates software engineering form computer science. Quoting:

    Formal software engineering processes, such as cleanroom engineering, are gradually finding rigorous, provable methods for software development. They are raising the bright line to subsume previously squishy software engineering topics.

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  • LASIK Laser

    Last Saturday I got my eyes operated for removal of glasses by LASIK Laser. All went well and I am recuperating very well. I am away from reading and writing for at least a week more.

    See you all soon.

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  • Exam Time

    My exams are on. So no posts for two weeks. Wish me luck :-)

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