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Mac And PC, A User’s Tale

Rafe Needleman of CNET posted this article telling us all that how hard it was for him to switch to Mac after being a Windows guy for 20 years, and then this article about how, finally he has found a way to make them live side by side in harmony.

Now here is a thing with Blogs (specially the popular ones). Lot’s of people read them and these kinds of posts help them make opinions about the products being discussed. And if the dude writing the post is as noob as finding these instructions of moving iTunes library from PC over to the Mac scary, then it is totally irresponsible journalism.

Of course OS X’s user interface is different than Windows; it is meant to be so; the reason behind it’s existence. So if you are switching from PC to Mac then just watch a video and read some instructions at Apple’s site. It’s not that hard, in-fact it is easier than trying to find the right “Anti-Virus + Spyware + Computer Security Suite” (plus the right photo or video management program) for the shiny new PC you just bought. And if you are a programmer or a student taking up computer science, Xcode is free.

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  • Why I Bought A New ‘Old MacBook’ Pro

    It’s been quite some time that I have been wishing to buy a MacBook Pro, and I eagerly waited for the October 14 refresh of Apple’s top of the line notebooks.  As expected, the refresh happened on the scheduled date and Mr. Jobs, this time (for a change) along with few of his colleagues wowed us all once again with his expert presentation skills, launching a whole new product redesign.

    So if everything went right then what’s up with this freaking title?

    Actually even though I think that the new MacBook Pros are designed really well, there is not one but two really big problems.

    • Super glossy screen
    • Button-less trackpad

    I had a chance to handle the new MacBook Pro and seriously I couldn’t deal with glare at all. I wear glasses and that much glare really gave me a headache after a long time in front of the screen. I already use a HP dv2519 which is really glossy, but (more…)

    I Am Buying A Macbook Pro

    For all my software development days ahead, I want them to be well spent on a Macbook Pro. The main reason for me deciding to take the plunge to the Mac world is because of the following reasons:

    • Having the ability to use Windows and Linux on the Mac itself without booting (virtual machines) using VMware Fusion (The joy of getting the best of both worlds).
    • Rock solid UNIX platform.
    • Recently I have developed a love for Ruby programming and there is no better platform to work on it than a Good-ol-Mac. (more…)

    I Survived The Large Hadron Collider


    Every time scientists come up with some brilliant and pioneering concept, some stupid ignorants (read TRP seeking News Channels) come up with their own version of the story on how this is going to affect the world in all the wrong ways.

    This time it is the LHC and the myths regarding the doomsday scenarios like black holes, killer strangelets, magnetic monopoles, and vacuum bubbles and how this is going to destroy Earth. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator complex, intended to collide opposing beams of protons with very high kinetic energy. Its is built to explore the validity and limitations of the Standard Model, the current theoretical picture for particle physics. It is theorized (more…)

    Blog About What?

    Choices‘The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice’ – George Eliot.

    If the above quote is to be believed, I obviously was in trouble; of ‘NOT’ growing.

    It’s not that I didn’t have the choices, but it was just that I was weighing them constantly without making up my mind on the ultimate selection.

    My choices, about what I could blog about went like this:

    • Random stuff about life; of mine and those around me.
    • Movie and music reviews.
    • Programming tutorials, tips and techniques (C and .NET framework).
    • Technology (One can find countless topics to write about in this one).  (more…)
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