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10 Ways To Help Users Transition To Linux

Linux is free, safe, reliable and free. If you are someone assembling computers, I highly recommend using Linux as an operating system without the fear of the so called ‘hard to install and use’ fear. Here’s an excellent article for you to read on 10 ways to help users transition to Linux.

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  • Google C++ Style Guide

    This guide is for keeping a consistency and code manageability in the open source projects developed by Google using C++.  As explained in the guide:

    C++ is the main development language used by many of Google’s open-source projects. As every C++ programmer knows, the language has many powerful features, but this power brings with it complexity, which in turn can make code more bug-prone and harder to read and maintain.

    The goal of this guide is to manage this complexity by describing in detail the dos and don’ts of writing C++ code. These rules exist to keep the code base manageable while still allowing coders to use C++ language features productively.

    This guide also serves the purpose of making the beginners understand the language’s conventions. Read the full guide here. is a leading open source code search engine from Black Duck Software. It enables software developers to easily search and browse source code in thousands of projects posted at hundreds of open source repositories.

    These guys have a really cool plugin for Visual Studio IDE that lets the developer search for code directly within the IDE without the need of a browser. What’s even more exciting is that as a developer types in the terms, the plugin performs a SmartSearch in the background, identifies results based on the term, and displays them right in the IDE. To further learn about how the SmartSearch works, watch this demonstration video.

    You can get the Koders plugin for Visual studio here.