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Serious Security Flaw In Internet Explorer

This flaw allows hackers to seize control of the user’s computer and steal sensitive data stored. Read more here.
Microsoft hasn’t yet released a patch to cure this vulnerability yet and as for now it will be a very good idea to switch to Firefox or Google Chrome.

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  • Object Oriented Design In Programming

    Problem solving while programming, using object oriented design always starts with the questions like:

    1. What Objects should be created to solve this problem?

    For example, if we are making a project for arranging books in a library, then the objects that come to mind will be the books, the shelves we keep them in, inventory book, the catalog etc.

    2. What are the properties of the object?

    A property is something that defines the characteristics of the object. In our problem, a few properties are, the subject the book is based on, its author, the number of books a shelf can hold in, (more…)

    Microsoft today revealed details of Visual Studio 2010 (code-named “Rosario”) and .NET framework 4.0. This next generation ‘Integrated Development Environment’ focuses on the following five points as given in the Visual Studio 2010 webpage.

    • Democratizing Application Lifecycle Management
    • Enabling emerging trends
    • Inspiring developer delight
    • Riding the next generation platform wave
    • Breakthrough Departmental Applications

    In related news, Scott Guthrie yesterday announced on his blog that from now on  jQuery will be distributed with Visual Studio (including jQuery intellisense, snippets, examples, and documentation). This is a real exciting news since jQuery is a great lightweight library for Javascript, widely used by developers.