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Mac OS X Snow Leopard, First Looks

Today morning I bought the new Mac OS X version 10.6, named Snow Leopard, at Canadian $ 40.00 with taxes. The installation is really simple. You just pop the disk in, select a couple of options and then about 40 minutes later, you are good and running the new OS.

Here are a few pictures and screen shots (click on the image for viewing in original size).

Snow Leopard


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  • Cheap AppleCare For MacBook Pro

    I just bought AppleCare Protection Plan for my MacBook Pro (retails for USD 349.00) for just USD 166.00 from eBay. There are lots of sellers selling the plan at these cheap prices and they just email you the code you need for the the protection which works internationally. No fancy boxes costing an extra USD 183.

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  • View Detailed Information In The Airport Menu

    To view the detailed information about the wireless networks in the Airport menu (hidden by default), hold down the option key while clicking the AirPort menu icon in the menu bar. The detailed information below the name of the connected network is:

    • MAC address of the wireless station
    • Channel is in use
    • Signal strength, RSSI, the lower it is, the weaker the connection
    • Indication of the data transmission rate

    On hovering the mouse over the network name for a second, a tool tip displays the network’s signal strength and the type of security it’s using. This is useful for quickly finding the public connection with the strongest signal.

    Picture 1

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  • How To Connect To Windows PC From Mac

    In a network system, connecting to your Windows PC from the Mac is a real easy process.

    First you have to make sure that the folders you want to access are being shared from the Windows PC. On a PC, a folder can be shared by right clicking the icon, selecting the properties option and then the sharing tab.

    Picture 6

    If your Mac is connected to the network, then in the Finder menu, click ‘Go’ and then ‘Connect To Server’.

    Picture 2

    In the address bar, type in the name of the PC you want to connect to prefixing it by smb:// and then click connect. (more…)

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  • For setting a specific file type to always open by default with a specific application in OS X do the following:

    • Right click on the file icon and choose ‘Get Info’ option.
    • Choose the ‘Open With’ option and select the specific application
    • Click the ‘Change all’ button.
    • Smile in success :-)

    Picture 6               


    Picture 1                Picture 2


    Picture 4


    Picture 5

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  • How To Reset Dock in OS X Leopard

    To completely reset the dock back to the original factory settings do the following:

    1. Delete the files and from /Users/..(your account name)../Library/Preferences.
    2. Enter ‘killall Dock’ command in the terminal and press enter.
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  • Making Diagrams In Mac

    Being a software student I have to usually make Flowcharts, DFDs and ERDs. Windows people have Office Visio as part of the Office suite for all their diagramming needs but there is no Visio in Office for Mac.

    OmniGraffle is an excellent diagramming, charting, and visualization software for Mac OS X. I use this software for all my diagramming needs and find it very easy and flexible to use. Omni Group also gives educational discounts on all their software to the qualifying people through their edu-store.

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  • Parallels Desktop Vs VMware Fusion

    I have been using VMware Fusion 2 since day 2 of purchasing my Mac for running Windows. I find it an extremely reliable and fast platform for running any virtual machine on Mac.

    Recently MacTech performed an exhaustive set of benchmarks comparing Parallels Desktop 4 to VMWare Fusion 2 to run Windows on a Mac. They stated Parallels a winner in most of the tests (by 14% to 20%) compared with VMware.

    Cool, but I am not buying. I won’t switch reliability and flexibility over that 1-2 sec speed advantage anytime.

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  • How To Uninstall Xcode Completely

    After Installing Safari 4 beta yesterday, I noticed that Xcode started crashing on every run. Even when I uninstalled the Safari beta, the problem didn’t resolve. So I uninstalled Xcode completely and then reinstalled it. To uninstall developer tools/Xcode type in the following command in the terminal

    sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all

    But beware, this completely removes Xcode and once it is gone, it’s gone. Of-course you can always reinstall it. So be sure of what you are doing.

    Update: Many users are also complaining about the same issue about Xcode crashing after installation of Safari 4 beta. Solution is to install Xcode 3.1.2.

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  • Mac And PC, A User’s Tale

    Rafe Needleman of CNET posted this article telling us all that how hard it was for him to switch to Mac after being a Windows guy for 20 years, and then this article about how, finally he has found a way to make them live side by side in harmony.

    Now here is a thing with Blogs (specially the popular ones). Lot’s of people read them and these kinds of posts help them make opinions about the products being discussed. And if the dude writing the post is as noob as finding these instructions of moving iTunes library from PC over to the Mac scary, then it is totally irresponsible journalism.

    Of course OS X’s user interface is different than Windows; it is meant to be so; the reason behind it’s existence. So if you are switching from PC to Mac then just watch a video and read some instructions at Apple’s site. It’s not that hard, in-fact it is easier than trying to find the right “Anti-Virus + Spyware + Computer Security Suite” (plus the right photo or video management program) for the shiny new PC you just bought. And if you are a programmer or a student taking up computer science, Xcode is free.

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