Choices‘The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice’ – George Eliot.

If the above quote is to be believed, I obviously was in trouble; of ‘NOT’ growing.

It’s not that I didn’t have the choices, but it was just that I was weighing them constantly without making up my mind on the ultimate selection.

My choices, about what I could blog about went like this:

  • Random stuff about life; of mine and those around me.
  • Movie and music reviews.
  • Programming tutorials, tips and techniques (C and .NET framework).
  • Technology (One can find countless topics to write about in this one). 
  • Philosophy; which I believe to be food for thought; and which has been the source of many hours of productive conversations between me and some of my friends.

Five days had passed since I wrote my first post but still I could not figure out, that what actually I wanted to focus on in this blog?

It was in this dilemma that I went out today to a local cafe` for a Latte. While I was reading my subscribed feeds, I was presented with a satisfaction survey questionnaire along with my bill. While filling out some objective questions, like Archimedes, I suddenly found the answer to my question. ‘All of the Above’ was one of the choices in the questionnaire and also the answer to my previous dilemma.

After a lot of weighing, it seems a good idea to me, although I am at a risk of not making a dedicated reader list by not sticking to one specific topic. But since I feel this blog to be my online portal, I can justify to myself that it should cover everything from the list.

I hope that my posts will keep you interested and I will keep seeing you.

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