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13 Free Mac OS X Applications.

Five reasons why developers prefer Mac.

What to look for if reading Mac security posts.

Is the Mac Really More Secure than Windows?

If everything was made by Microsoft.

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  • For setting a specific file type to always open by default with a specific application in OS X do the following:

    • Right click on the file icon and choose ‘Get Info’ option.
    • Choose the ‘Open With’ option and select the specific application
    • Click the ‘Change all’ button.
    • Smile in success :-)

    Picture 6               


    Picture 1                Picture 2


    Picture 4


    Picture 5

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  • How To Reset Dock in OS X Leopard

    To completely reset the dock back to the original factory settings do the following:

    1. Delete the files and from /Users/..(your account name)../Library/Preferences.
    2. Enter ‘killall Dock’ command in the terminal and press enter.
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  • Difference Between $100 And $100,000 Speakers

    There is certainly gotta be a difference between expensive audiophile speakers and cheap do-the-job ones. Gizmodo explains that difference.

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  • Exam Time

    My exams are on. So no posts for two weeks. Wish me luck :-)

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  • Stanford University has made available its iPhone Application Programming course for this year on iTunes U as biweekly video podcasts and slides in pdf format.

    It’s not everyday that you get a chance to be taught by two Apple engineers from Stanford University.

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