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How To Uninstall Xcode Completely

After Installing Safari 4 beta yesterday, I noticed that Xcode started crashing on every run. Even when I uninstalled the Safari beta, the problem didn’t resolve. So I uninstalled Xcode completely and then reinstalled it. To uninstall developer tools/Xcode type in the following command in the terminal

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all

But beware, this completely removes Xcode and once it is gone, it’s gone. Of-course you can always reinstall it. So be sure of what you are doing.

Update: Many users are also complaining about the same issue about Xcode crashing after installation of Safari 4 beta. Solution is to install Xcode 3.1.2.

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  • Black Hat DC 2009

    The presentations and whitepapers from the Black Hat DC conference are available here.

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  • KISS : An Interesting Tale

    Christopher Dawson of narrates an interesting experience regarding Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS).

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  • Mac And PC, A User’s Tale

    Rafe Needleman of CNET posted this article telling us all that how hard it was for him to switch to Mac after being a Windows guy for 20 years, and then this article about how, finally he has found a way to make them live side by side in harmony.

    Now here is a thing with Blogs (specially the popular ones). Lot’s of people read them and these kinds of posts help them make opinions about the products being discussed. And if the dude writing the post is as noob as finding these instructions of moving iTunes library from PC over to the Mac scary, then it is totally irresponsible journalism.

    Of course OS X’s user interface is different than Windows; it is meant to be so; the reason behind it’s existence. So if you are switching from PC to Mac then just watch a video and read some instructions at Apple’s site. It’s not that hard, in-fact it is easier than trying to find the right “Anti-Virus + Spyware + Computer Security Suite” (plus the right photo or video management program) for the shiny new PC you just bought. And if you are a programmer or a student taking up computer science, Xcode is free.

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  • The MacBook Wheel

    Everyone wants this one

    Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

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  • Kindle 2

    Kindle 2 has been launched by and I am extremely tempted.

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  • CNET Readers Reminisce About Macs Gone By

    It’s been some days since the Mac celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. Read the stories of the readers of writing about their memories of the best computer ever, The Macintosh.

    Also by CNET, a gallery of photos of Mac through the years.

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  • Ruby 1.9.1 Released

    Yuki Sonoda yesterday announced the release of Ruby 1.9.1. Here is a list of user visible feature changes made.

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