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No Offense!

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  • How To Keep Your Wi-Fi Network Secure

    As a CCNA I am asked a lot of times by curious friends or relatives about various precautions they can take to keep their Wi-Fi network safe from hackers or unauthenticated users. So today I thought of compiling some simple steps in a post which I usually recommend to keep the wireless network secure. These settings can be configured/changed in admin page of your Wi-Fi router by putting in the IP address of your router in a browser’s URL toolbar.

    Change the default password

    Each router has a default username and password, and you should always change these the moment you start configuring the router. If the router’s password is either unchanged common or weak, a hacker might be able to reconfigure the router and wipe out all your other security measures, making them useless. You should try to use a good mix of numbers and characters to be on the safe side.

    Disable the DHCP service

    DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enables remote computers connected to the router to obtain an IP address and connect to the network without needing to know the IP and Router address information. Disabling the DHCP services is


    While watching videos on the Internet or reading a document, it’s very annoying to have your Mac automatically dim the screen. Of course we can change that in the preferences but it’s such a hassle turning it back on or off.

    Caffeine is a tiny application (240 KB) that puts an icon in the menu bar which can be clicked to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen savers. Clicking it again turns it off. It’s that simple!



    Happy Holidays

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  • Since the rollout of Leopard update 10.5.6 it is now possible to enable the four finger gestures that the new ‘unibody MacBook Pro’ has built in. It is a very simple process and should work for everybody if you follow the instructions correctly. I myself did it and it worked perfectly well.


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  • Godless And Penniless: A Christmas Story

    How one couple navigates the holiday season with little money or religion.

    Serious Security Flaw In Internet Explorer

    This flaw allows hackers to seize control of the user’s computer and steal sensitive data stored. Read more here.
    Microsoft hasn’t yet released a patch to cure this vulnerability yet and as for now it will be a very good idea to switch to Firefox or Google Chrome.

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  • Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz vs 2.5 GHz

    The AnandTech staff compared the 2.4GHz and 2.5GHz models of MacBook Pro back in February which are the same processors offered in the recent releases as well. The MacBook Pro has 2.4GHz or 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn processors with 3MB or 6MB L2 cache respectively.

    WordPress 2.7 Released

    WordPress 2.7 has been released and after downloading and upgrading it, I am in love with it, again. The interface has been given a complete overhaul and it is pure elegance as well as much more functional than the old versions.

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  • KeyCue – Quick Overview Of Menu Shorcuts

    I really like this application (for Mac) Keycue; it helps you to use the Mac OS X applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts.