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In the context of the directories at the server, is the root folder. The www part in is a subdirectory or a subdomain which usually redirects to the root folder. The “www” prefix has no meaning in the way the main Web site is shown. The “www” prefix is simply one choice for a Web site’s host name. It is mostly used because a host name for the web-server is often ‘www’.

If you are using an Apache server to host your site, then the best way to redirect visitors from to is by using a .htaccess file.

.htaccess file is the one that has the configuration settings for the particular directory it is placed in. If you are using your hosting provider’s file manager menu then in many cases you may not be able to see the .htaccess file in your root menu. In that case you can download FileZilla, an excellent open-source FTP client. After locating your .htaccess file and downloading it, it is a good idea to make a copy(with original settings) of it first as a backup.

Now to redirect from non-www to www enter the following code in the top of the .htaccess file: (more…)

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  • Applications That Power Me And My Computer

    This List has ben updated.

    Here is a list of all the applications that I use for technical as well as general purposes. When it comes to ‘getting the job done’, these applications are of great value.

    • Operating System – Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit
    • Integrated Development Environment – Visual Studio 2008 SP1, Expression Web 2, Notepad++
    • Languages – VB.NET, C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, Javascript
    • Content Manegment System – Joomla
    • FTP client – FileZilla (more…)
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  • All Time Favorite Songs List

    Hello Everyone

    I love listening to music for all moods, I just make sure it fits my mood for the time.

    My iPod currently houses 8000 songs, and 25 custom playlists. According to iTunes’ stats, my most favorite track has been played 60 times (and increasing). The range of music I listen to, is as diverse as the number of ‘blue screen of death’ errors in Windows!

    But when it really falls to the ‘cream of the crop’ selection, then my no nonsense all time favorite music list is (in no particular order):


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  • An Introduction And Overview Of LINQ

    Hi everyone

    With the release of .NET framework 3.5, Microsoft introduced lots of new features. One of the very important feature introduced is LINQ, which stands for Language Structured Integrated Query. I have been studying LINQ since the last 2 months and I find it an excellent approach to data management. In this post, I will give a brief overview about it.

    While writing a software, at some point of time we write code which deals with data. The data can be in any form; files stored locally on a computer, tables in a database or even XML documents. While dealing with data when we are creating applications using .NET, at times we may have to carry objects to a database and then load the results back to the object after querying the database.

    The following pseudocode will explain this approach.

    Students Stu = New Students();   // A class which represents a table of students
    Stu.stuID = 5;  // Setting the row identifier to 5
    Stu.Retrieve();   // Retrieving Row’s data where Student ID = 5
    Stu.Name = “Pushkar Arora”;   // Changing the column ‘Name’ value to Pushkar Arora
    Stu.Update();   // Updating the Database data

    A real cool and simple approach, isn’t it? Now to implement this, in ADO.NET we do the following. (more…)

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  • Blog About What?

    Choices‘The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice’ – George Eliot.

    If the above quote is to be believed, I obviously was in trouble; of ‘NOT’ growing.

    It’s not that I didn’t have the choices, but it was just that I was weighing them constantly without making up my mind on the ultimate selection.

    My choices, about what I could blog about went like this:

    • Random stuff about life; of mine and those around me.
    • Movie and music reviews.
    • Programming tutorials, tips and techniques (C and .NET framework).
    • Technology (One can find countless topics to write about in this one).  (more…)
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  • Hello Everyone

    Since last year, whenever I read any informative and enticing blog post, I always asked this question to myself; ‘when am I going to start one?’.

    But last month I read a post, ‘Why make Site Prototypes?’ by Greg Wolejko. After reading this post, I thought to myself that not only is this post real educative, but also, it is like a valuable contribution, a fun and cool way of giving the world something that others can benefit from, like Open Source.

    Going to and downloading the latest 2.6 build was the only choice I was left with now, for a number of reasons:

    • I had to start a blog myself; ‘Ain’t no stopping me now!’.
    • I believed myself to be technically sound enough to host my own blog (although WordPress makes the job a piece of cake!).
    • WordPress was the obvious reason because of its usability, dynamics and */read text between brackets of point two/* (for the fear of sounding repetitive).
    • Hosting is real cheap these days.   (more…)